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Prophesy Offers Affordable In-Vehicle Tracking Device

Trucking Software Provider responds to needs of growing user base.

Bloomfield, CT – November 7, 2006 – – Prophesy Transportation Solutions, Inc. provider of the industry leading software for trucking, today announced a new, low-cost, cab mounted AVL tracking solution for trucking companies and other mobile fleets.

“A modern trucking operation needs vehicle tracking integrated with their operational software to get the best from their vehicles and drivers.” Said Prophesy President Edward J. Forman. “Now we can offer a cost effective tracking device that allows growing trucking companies to reap the benefits of the traditional tracking (AVL) solutions at a fraction of the cost.”

The Prophesy in-vehicle tracking device automatically gathers truck locations, speed, and other important data and filters it directly into the web-based Prophesy TrackerBase solution for analysis and use. Users are able to track their trucks remotely but more importantly, they can be automatically notified of actions via a comprehensive and secure web interface. Prophesy TrackerBase offers added power via optional integration with other best-selling Prophesy compliance software components for fuel & road tax reporting, dispatch operations, fuel management, and hours of service tracking.

Prophesy TrackerBase has been designed to work seamlessly with other Prophesy components to maximize the value of real time vehicle tracking. “The real benefit is not where the truck is but where it is compared to where it should be,” said Ed Forman. “We believe that the integration of AVL with industry-proven Prophesy trucking software gives our users far more bang for the buck than any basic tracking system. The key to any system is not in the collection of data but in the analysis and use of that data to fully inform management about its operations.”



More trucking companies use a Prophesy software solution than any other brand on the market today! Quite simply because Prophesy Transportation Solutions has built the industry’s leading total trucking software solution, designed to manage every facet of a growing trucking operation with integrated, comprehensive and easy to use features that ensure unsurpassed efficiency and greater profit.

For more than 20 years the Prophesy name has represented quality, reliability and affordability for the trucking industry. Prophesy products offer reliable control over daily trucking operations, yet are easy for growing trucking companies to implement, integrate and afford. This approach allows our users to build upon their total solution as their needs grow.

About Prophesy
Prophesy Transportation Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of software, Internet and mobile communications solutions to the transportation, logistics, and distribution industries. Since 1984, Prophesy has offered products and services for dispatch, accounting, mobile communications, logistics management, loadbuilding, mileage and routing, fuel purchase optimization, fuel and road tax reporting, driver log auditing, driver management, and vehicle maintenance. For more information, please visit, for Mobile Communications Software or for Logistics Software on the Internet, or contact Prophesy Transportation Solutions, Inc. at 1-800-776-6706.

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